YOU ARE UNCONDITIONALLY ACCEPTED HERE!

                                                          YOU BELONG HERE!

         No matter where you are in life, or where you have been in your journey, you will always be welcome at First Congregational Church of Port St. Lucie. Just as Jesus never turned anyone away, neither do we. In our church none of these things matter: skin color; physical, mental or emotionally challenged; gender; sexual orientation; rich or poor; formal education or not. Every person is a child of God, who will be respected, cared for and loved.

         In addition to supporting one another, together we comfort, strengthen, and guide each other in the teachings and the life of Jesus Christ. We all share the ever present Spirit of God within us. 

         Here at First Congregational, we know that God Is Still Speaking! God is not on a throne up in heaven looking down at our struggles. The symbol of our church is a COMMA because we know that every day God is unfolding new understandings and new knowledge for us.

       Scripture demonstrates that every generation of mankind has been shaped by history, literature, science, and experience. Each generation came to know God within the unique context of their time on earth. God speaks to everyone within the particular frame of reference in which they live. 

      Rather than a religion crystalized in a past time, We believe GOD IS STILL SPEAKING! Which makes faith real and alive every day! There is no PERIOD, but a COMMA....to keep learning what God has to share with us. 


                           "God has more truth yet to break forth from His Holy Word"

                                     (Pastor John Robinson on the Mayflower)



                                                      Our Mission Statement

Led by the Spirit of God, we provide for all people to feel welcome,

included and  valued through worship, education,  music,  small groups, missions and self  governance.


  Our Vision Statement

            We are called by God to be a Christian Church seeking to live and share

Jesus’ vision of community and mission. 


Pastor Bob Carey

Interim Minister

Carla Case

Organist/Choir Director


Pamela Walsh-Winans

Church Secretary


Christopher Walsh


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